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Clarence W. shares his story:
I was 18 when I was drafted in 1943 into the Army from Mississippi.  I went to Camp Wheeler, GA for 17 weeks of training.  After 28 days on a  ship, via a convoy of Liberty Ships, I landed at Naples, Italy.  (28 days on the ship and sea sick for 30 plus days!)  I was in the 85th Division, 338th Infantry Battalion in Company L.  I was in Italy for about 6 months and then captured by the Germans on 9-20-44.  Then taken by rail car to a camp near Munich, Germany named Stalag VIIA and in the town of Mooseburg, Germany. The POW camp was built to accommodate three thousand and it ended  up accommodating thirty thousand! As far as treatment, it wasn't too bad but the food was scarce. I did have malaria and was treated by a fellow POW who was a doctor from Pennsylvania. All they could give me was atabrine, mild drug for malaria.  Those days were not pleasant, to say the least!  Actually the Germans knew the war was about over by this time and they weren't that hard on us.  Most of the Germans were ready for the war to end, as well.  We were liberated by the Rainbow Infantry Division attached to General George Patton in May of 1945.  When we were released, General Patton came down through the POW camp with his pearl handled pistols swinging. He  also brought down a parade of our tanks and trucks in a grand and glorious gesture of victory! One of our soldiers shimmied up the flag pole and pulled down the German Nazi flag and put up our US Flag! I'll always remember that day.


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